Our providers use best practice interventions to help individuals, couples, families and children . . . but that’s only part of the equation. Interventions are delivered in the context of the relationship & that’s what sets us apart; we know our stuff & we care. 

Trauma prevention and recovery. Individual therapy. Couples therapy. Family therapy. Assessments. Adults and children.  For over 30 years, Post Trauma Resources has helped major corporations and government entities minimize and manage the realities of an uncertain world.   We’ve promoted recovery after disasters, accidents and crimes throughout the local and national community.  In addition to crisis response, we treat individuals, couples, family and children with a wide range of struggles and crises.  We use cutting edge assessment instruments in our psychological, neuropsychological and psycho-educational evaluations.  Our clinicians have been trained in crisis response and the best practice interventions of PTSD, allowing our team to respond to emergencies and offer solutions to life’s toughest problems. 

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